's Forum forum postsHappy New Year / 766FC 2008-12-29T15:42:28Z, Candice would like if you wrote her a letter at fire camp w/2 years to go. home 737-0900 JR 2008-12-18T16:11:08Z Birthday! Better late than never. Looks like you made it to the last year of party at the Brickyard @ RM 223. Stay tuned for new plans in May. Have a merry Christmas and GREAT New Year. New Year / New Sponsor 2008-12-17T04:52:26Z saw the new car on looks like a real WINNER. I'm sure that Geico has some fun stuff planned for the new season.I can't wait to see the real thing in Pomona going rounds and finally getting that first win.I have a feeling good things are going to happen in 2009.Best of luck in the new season guys!!! JR 2008-12-04T20:21:19Z your Thanksgiving was good. Have a great Christmas and New Years Eve. JR 2008-11-26T21:59:55Z a great Thanksgiving! JR 2008-11-24T05:54:58Z to see you at Pomona. Not much time to chat there you are one busy boy. Have fun during your down time. Hope to see you at Indy in May or maybe Feb at Pomona. Good Riddance 2008 2008-11-20T01:51:56Z 2008 season is finally over.There were some highlights and way too many disappointments. The team really had the potential to win at least one race this year,if not two or three.I KNOW that Morgan will WIN next season,the team is all coming back and I heard that Jimmy Walsh PROMISED a better 2009 season.We the fans of Lucas Oil Racing are ready to support the team all the way next year.I already have most of my friends and family using Lucas Oil products to keep the team funded.If you have ever met Forrest or Charlotte Lucas you would know that they are a warm and down to earth family that treats people with dignity and respect.Pete and Dave in hospitality are also two great people that go over and above the call of duty and take the word "hospitality" to the extreme,they treated my family so good that we will always hold them in the highest regard.Thanks Pete and Dave.The 2009 season can only be better than 2008.Have a great off season,and enjoy the Holidays guys because Feb. is just around the corner and we should want to be the first to hoist a Full Throttle Wally.God Bless & see you in Pomona. JR 2008-11-04T05:26:16Z show should be on your list this week. Then get ready for the big one in Pomona. Chin up you can get it done. JR 2008-10-27T18:18:40Z a great run this weekend. Don't get distracted by all that goes on in Vegas, racing is more important. Have fun!!!!! JR 2008-10-14T21:03:18Z hole shot as usual. TV said you were under the weather. Join the party I think we all have a touch of something. Get well for Vegas and have fun doing what you love. See you in Pomona. 1st win 2008-10-10T03:24:12Z Jimmy Walsh and the rest of Morgans team, Big,Oz,Chop,Vinnie,Polk,Tony and everybody else, we have 3 races to get that first win.Lets go out and finish the year with a bang and hoist that first Wally.Good luck in Virginia,Vegas and Pomona. JR 2008-10-07T17:06:20Z A GOOD RUN THIS WEEKEND Don't give up! 2008-10-02T20:26:05Z you keep getting the bottom end of the stick. Hang in there. Linda JR 2008-09-24T18:08:25Z WELL DONE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT POMONA. LINDA LASKI Congrats J.R. Todd 2008-09-23T18:15:56Z to go JR. It's great to see you and Jimmy Walsh back together. A winning team for sure! Best of luck in Memphis.