Drag racing: new world record every year

Is drag racing really that popular?

Everyone at least once in a life participated in a race either it was bicycle race with your childhood friends, car race with your mom’s automobile or a horse race on a betting site. Motor racing and motorsport are one of the most popular sports especially among men mostly because it has a lot of different types. Drag racing is a type of the motor racing where cars or motorcycles compete which will cross the finish line first. The history of drag racing is almost as long as the history of motorized automobiles themselves and has been popular in both legal regulated motor racing and illegal street racing.

Drag racing is mostly popular in the USA and usually, there are two contestants who usually compete in 0.4m length plot. Nowadays races are started electronically with a help of a system known as Christmas tree, which has a line of lights for every driver, and also two light sensors per lane in the starting line. Usually, tournament contestants race in elimination matches by special categories. Drag racing also has a National Hot Road Association, which regulates races, host events and sets rules in USA and Canada. This association was founded in 1951 to prevent illegal racing and promote motor racing.

There are several types of cars category in the drag racing and the fastest ones are called Top Fuel, they can reach 160km/h in less than one second and reach more than 531 km/h under five seconds in 0,4km. To keep drivers safe most of the automobiles use rear-engine designs and the front wheels are mostly float a few inches above the ground for around the first 60 meters of the race.

According to the Guinness World Records, the drag racing world record belongs to American Hector Arana Jr which he achieved in 402 meters National Hot Road Association Pro Stock motorcycle race and the speed he reached was 323,49 km/h. Drag race world record was reached in Florida at the NHRA on March 2018.

Another world record, according to National Hot Road Association, belongs to Robert Hight who set all-time fastest speed in National Hot Road Association drag racing history and reached 539km/h during “Funny Car” qualifying at the Sonoma Nationals in California on July 2017. He was the first one to reach 539km/h in any professional NHRA category.

However, less than a year later, Tony Schumacher broke the Robert Hight’s drag racing world record and reached 541km/h in 3,67 seconds on February 2018. Until now it is the fastest official speed in Top Fuel NHRA history.

Drag racing is a very popular sport because it is affordable. According to the Redbull, you can participate in a racing for more or less $1200. The cost includes a car, entry costs and fee for one person. Most probably, you will not reach Tony Schumacher’s speed but maybe it is a fun and unusual way to spend a weekend. According to NHRA, drag racing is popular all over the world, every continent has a racing organization that hosts a race every year.